Kelsea Ballerini With Morgan Evans Divorce Chase Stokes

Kelsey Ballerini recently opened up in a big way about her divorce from Morgan Evans. Ballerini appeared on the February 22 episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast and discussed the end of her and Evans’ marriage. how she’s grown because of that relationship, and how she’s finding love again. Keep reading for some of the biggest moments from Ballerini’s new interview and how Evans responded.

Ballerini married Evans, a fellow country singer, in March 2016

Ballerini recalled first meeting Evans, a fellow country singer, in March 2016. Things progressed fairly quickly, with Evans proposing in December of that year – after just nine months of dating. The “Mountains with a View” singer said she was attracted to Evans because he came from a “loving family”. and that she came from a “really, really broken family”. that conversation, a move that made her “fiery”.

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Ballerini said

Ballerini said, “I thought I had it figured out my whole life. I thought I knew exactly what love was, what I contributed to a relationship, and what I needed from a relationship.” I didn’t do whatever was in front of me, I was a mirror for that and I was really good at whatever people needed me to be. She continued her parents’ “nasty” divorce, but the pair married anyway in December 2017, a year after their engagement.

Ballerini also claimed

She claimed that things began to fall apart when she began to feel “resentment” from Evans. The singer said that she felt that her then-husband was not prioritizing her in his busy life. Just as she claimed he was there for her, she said she “slept on the couch many nights” because of this feeling because there was “such a sense of disconnection” between them. Ballerini also claimed that the pair have a “fundamental difference” of opinion when it comes to children.

He further said

It’s like, he wants something out of life that I don’t,” she said. “I’m not there, and whether I get there or not, I don’t think it’s with this person if it is.” I think That I got married because of my parents. I think I got divorced because of them,” she added. “I think my choosing to walk out of that marriage was my kind of rewriting what divorce looks like and what it means.” It was beautiful, we cried, and we hugged. It was sweet,” Ballerini continued. “And then something changed and I haven’t spoken to him since.”

Ballerini said she and Evans will divorce in August 2022

Ballerini said she and Evans had a “really beautiful conversation” about divorce in August 2022. In the same month, they publicly announced their split. Life and I respect you and I respect mine, and because of that I can’t be in this marriage anymore,” she said. “And I really want to do this together, and I really want that good.” Want to respect what we have experienced in the right way.”

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