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Kejriwal Took A Unique Step To Stop Party Change

This time the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which is trying its luck in the Goa Assembly elections, has taken a unique step with the aim of preventing defection. AAP said the party’s candidates will have to sign a legal affidavit that they will not leave the party to join another party.

Goa leaders ‘notorious’ for joining other parties: AAP

An AAP leader said the Arvind Kejriwal-led party has taken this decision to prevent post-poll defection as the party feels that Goa is “notorious” for leaders joining other parties. Used to be. AAP has decided to field candidates on all 40 seats in the upcoming Goa assembly elections.

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Candidate will sign a legal affidavit

AAP leader Amit Palekar said, “Despite being a small state, Goa is notorious for political defection. In order to solve this problem, AAP candidates will sign a legal affidavit, in which they will have to change party and promise not to join any other party. He asked whether Congress can give any guarantee that its candidates will not change sides.

10 Congress MLAs joined BJP in 2019

Palekar said, “There is no single party in the state which can assure that its candidates will not join the BJP. In the year 2019, at least 10 Congress MLAs had joined BJP. He said that the affidavit signed by the candidate would be distributed among the voters. The AAP leader said that if the candidate refuses, then voters can take legal action against him.

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