Katy Perry Leaves Generous Tip As Embarrassed Australian Server Fails To Recognize The Singer

Katy Perry doesn’t expect any special treats while dining out.

Surprise meeting by Choo Choo activist Indiana Paul

The singer, who is currently in Australia with her partner Orlando Bloom, while she sings “Wizards!” In the far north, Queensland recently went to a Port Douglas cafe, but the waitress didn’t recognize her. The story has since dominated social media. Choo Choo activist Indiana Paul spoke to Sunrise about the surprise meeting, telling how Perry went to the cafe with her one-year-old daughter Daisy Dove on Saturday.

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How he didn’t recognize Perry because he was wearing a hat and sunglasses, so told him she just had to wait to sit down because there were no tables available. “She did it like any normal person,” the server recalled. Handled, I think. She was really good the whole time and she handled it like a champ.

“I think partly because I didn’t recognize her, which was why she was so relaxed and calm about it. Paul eventually made Perry sit in a section of the cafe after she approached him again. Not normally used. She told the TV program, “I made a fool of myself and said, ‘For future reference, we don’t usually sit people at this table.'”

Perry insisted

She’d be “extra kind” before Paul’s manager alerted her who she was serving. I just turned red and went limp on my knees,” she said. “I probably didn’t need it, but I was feeling like an idiot, so I went to his desk and apologized.

“I don’t know why, I just wondered I acted like

“After all, I think she wanted to be trapped so badly that people were running around taking pictures of her—I was so oblivious, running around like a headless chuck, I dunno was.

Paul said she “couldn’t believe how nice Perry was” and confirmed that she had left a tip that was “far more than the usual $2 I threw in the bucket. The server went up,” and she asked for my name. And chatted with me and as soon as she left she walked by the cafe and hugged me and was really nice to everyone.

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