Katrina Kaif Childhood Was Spent Alone Like This Father Had Left Her In Childhood

Katrina Kaif has been brought up only in the hands of her mother. His mother raised him and his siblings as single mothers.

Katrina Kaif’s father left her alone in childhood

There is the buzz everywhere about Katrina Kaif’s wedding. Katrina’s wedding news with actor Vicky Kaushal is currently the talk of the town. Although both of them have remained completely silent on the news of their marriage. In the midst of these discussions of marriage, we tell you important things related to Katrina’s family and life.

Katrina Kaif’s father never looked back on the whole family

According to media reports, after a few years of marriage, Katrina’s father Mohammad Kaif went to America after divorcing her mother Suzanne. Expressing this pain in an interview, Katrina had said, unfortunately, my father had no hand in my upbringing. When I see my friends with their loving father who is the pillar of their family, I wish I had all this but instead of complaining, I should express my gratitude for what I have. Let us tell you that Katrina has 6 siblings.

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Katrina is the middle of eight siblings

Katrina Kaif is the middle sister of her eight siblings. Let’s start with their birthplace. Katrina was born on 16 July 1983 in Hong Kong. His father Mohammad Kaif is a Kashmiri-born British businessman. And mother is an English lawyer and charity worker. Katrina has three older sisters Stephanie, Christine, and Natasha, an older brother Michael, three younger sisters Melissa, Sonia, and Isabel.

Katrina’s studies have been done at home

Katrina’s schooling was very interesting. He and his siblings were educated at home by many tutors. This is because he had to go from one place to another again and again due to his mother’s work. After birth in Hong Kong, he went to China, then Japan, then France, Switzerland, and many European countries.

Katrina’s childhood was spent in these countries

Katrina has also spent some time in Poland, Belgium, Hawaii. After which she went to London. She came to India after living in London for three years. She got work offers in India for which she shifted here. Since then, India has become his address.

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