Katie Maloney Not Looking Forward to Discuss Her Divorce on TV

Katie Maloney Is “Not Looking Ahead” To Discuss Her Divorce From Tom Schwartz On TV decided to go their separate ways and Katie admitted that although it wouldn’t be “easy” to open up about her divorce on the reality show, she would prefer to be “honest” on camera.

to be honest instead of trying to portray it in the light

She said: “I feel like Tom and I. We’ve always been very open with our relationship – the good and the bad – on the show. And it never gets easier. I’m not looking forward to airing it. But I’d rather be honest than try to manipulate or hide or portray it in a different light, or anything like that.”

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capturing the location of filming

However, 35-year-old Katie, who has starred opposite 39-year-old Tom on the restaurant-based reality series since it debuted in 2013, revealed that she has “grieved and mourned” a lot since the split. And any filming must capture where she is now because she “can’t go back.”

forced himself to return to those places

Speaking on the ‘You’re Gonna Love Me’ podcast, she said: “I can’t go back to where I was six months ago. It’s got to be where I am now. I’ve been through a lot of grieving and grieving and healing. So I’m those Can’t pick up the wounds and force myself to go back to places I don’t want to go back when I’ve come this far.”

The reality star previously admitted that the split has been “very peaceful” so far and that there were “a lot of reasons” behind it, but infidelity wasn’t one of them.

why did I file for divorce?

She said: “There are so many reasons. Why I filed for divorce. But it’s been very peaceful, very sweet. There was no infidelity. We just split, you know. We have a good friendship. But things Sometimes, unfortunately. I’m always going to love Tom.”

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