Kate Moss Important Fashion Advice To Daughter Lila Grace Moss

The 48-year-old gave some advice to the new generation of fashion lovers, saying that she has already passed it on to her 19-year-old daughter.

An interview to British Vogue

When it comes to the global fashion industry, Kate Moss’ legacy runs deep. The British model, who was an icon in the 90s and continues to be considered one, recently gave an interview to British Vogue in which she discussed everything in fashion and modeling. Giving some advice to the U.S., she said she’s already passed it on to her 19-year-old daughter, Leila Grace Moss, who graced the cover of British Vogue earlier this year. first time.

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pull off the look of Marc Jacobs he was wearing at age 25,

The model said it has become a “problem” for her to read her fashion collection, as daughter Leila “started wearing my stuff, and we have to be careful!” According to her, Leila has already unearthed “a micro miniskirt” that once belonged to her mother, but she “couldn’t fathom” wearing it, as it “showed off her knees”.

a cover for the female nipple

Elsewhere in the interview, she shared that Leela once asked her about wearing a nipple pasty, which made her feel “nervous.” For the uneducated, a nipple pasty, as the name suggests, is a cover for the female nipple, used as a stick-on, such as clothing featuring sheer fabric.

Moss Said Her Advice to Her Daughter and Every Other Fashion Lover

But, “freeing the nipple is not the only guidance she has given to her daughter”. Moss told the outlet that the younger generation is “afraid of themselves and I think they should dress the way they want”, because “you can’t have regrets” when it comes to fashion.

In September 2021, Moss’s daughter was praised for walking a Milan runway wearing an insulin pump. She made an appearance on the runway for Fendi x Versace at Milan Fashion Week with her mother, and people were shocked to see her shaking an insulin pump attached to the upper left side of her thigh as she walked down the ramp in a bodysuit. Had landed.

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