Karan Kundrra Gets Love Fever in Bigg Boss

The fans did not like to make fun of Umar Riaz like this, the shadow of love on Karan Kundra. Social media users fiercely slammed Karan Kundra.

love shadow fever on Karan Kundra

Bigg Boss 15 Now it looks like this friendship may soon turn into a new love affair. Colors TV has shared a promo on its official social media handle. In which Karan Kundrra is seen talking about Tejashwi Prakash. He shares many things related to Tejashwi in front of Akasa. In this promo, Karan Kundrra says. He is really in love with Tejashwi and it is not easy to deal with him. But they get what they want. In the promo, Karan Kundrra is seen talking about Tejasvi Prakash with Akasa.

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Big Boss’s love-filled moments are being seen

As soon as the famous reality show Bigg Boss 15 starts, the members of the show are entertaining the audience to a great extent. On one hand, there are some love-filled moments in the show. So somewhere between some members, there is fierce fighting and estrangement. In the last few episodes of the show, all the contestants were seen doing a task to choose the next captain of the house. However, the task ended in a draw as neither team won the task.

Karan Kundrra says in this promo

Truly in love with Tejashwi is not easy to deal with but he gets what he wants. In the promo, Karan Kundrra says, ‘Tejashwi came and scolded me yesterday, I need someone who doesn’t let me feel lonely. I wish there was Teja ..but ..’ further says Karan Kundra. ‘I love him, he’s a tough nut to crack, but I’ll get what I want.

to stay on the show

Now it will be interesting for the audience to see. Tejashwi also has feelings for Karan or both live as friends. Both are always seen having fun together and supporting each other. However, Karan is adopting such a strategy to stay in the show, or else he really wants Tejashwi. Will know in the coming time.

Fans did not like making fun of Umar Riaz like this

What was then, on social media, users fiercely scolded Karan Kundra? A fan wrote angrily, Karan Kundra is trying to provoke Shamita Shetty. Makers should not tolerate such antics.

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