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Kapil Dev Raised Questions on The Timing of Virat Kohli know Why

Kapil Dev, former captain of World Cup-winning India, believes. That the statement of Virat Kohli highlighting differences with BCCI on the issue of captaincy has come at the wrong time. This led to unnecessary controversy ahead of the crucial tour of South Africa.

The Tension Between Kohli And BCCI

In a press conference in Mumbai ahead of his departure for South Africa, Kohli rubbished BCCI President Sourav Ganguly’s statement that the board had asked him not to step down as the captain of the T20 team. This statement has exposed the tension between Kohli and the BCCI.

It is not Right to Point Fingers at Anyone at This Time.

Kapil told a news channel, ‘It is not right to point fingers at anyone at this time. The tour of South Africa is ahead and attention should be given to it.

He said, ‘I would say that the board president is the board president, although being the captain of the Indian team is also a big deal. It is not good to speak badly about each other though in public. Be it Sourav or Kohli.

Take Control of The Situation

Kapil, who led India to the 1983 World Cup, appealed to Kohli to take control of the situation and think about the country. He said, ‘You control the situation. It is better that you think about the country. What is wrong will be known but it is not right to create controversy before a tour.

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First Test at Centurion from December 26

The Indian Test team under Kohli’s captaincy on Thursday left for South Africa where the first Test is to be played at Centurion from December 26. After that, a series of three ODIs will also be played. The BCCI is yet to comment on Kohli’s statement.

Kapil Dev is disappointed with Virat Kohli’s statement

Quit thinking about victory. The kind of statement made by Virat Kohli after the match is not acceptable in any way. He said, ‘He is a fighter. I think he was lost at that time or maybe it was the effect of defeat. A captain should never use such words that we did not play bravely. You are playing for the country and you have passion. But when you use such words, fingers will be pointed at you.

Questions Raised on Team Performance

He said, ‘I have no words. A team that is currently playing IPL. Despite practicing on the pitches, if he performs like this, then there will be criticism there. When you win, you are rarely praised as much. In the same way, the kind of cricket that India played is less criticized as much. You fight and you lose, it is understandable but in today’s match, there was no performance from a player that we can be happy about.

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