Kangana Ranaut Is Relationship With A Politician

Kangana Ranaut has talked about her future planning in an interview to win the Padma Shri award. She said that she is going to marry a man who is working on the vision of New India. She will reveal his name very soon. Not only this, she also told that she will do both marriage and baby in the next 5 years.

Kangana Ranaut was recently honored with the Padma Shri award

The award was given to him at a ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. After receiving the award, he has expressed his happiness. With this, he has also disclosed his family planning. She said that she wants to get married and become a mother in the next five years. In a new interview, he also revealed that he is personally very happy. Very soon she will reveal her partner and will share other information related to her relationship.

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Kangana Ranaut answered a question while giving an interview to Times Now. Where does she see herself five years from now? She said, “I definitely want to get married and have kids. I see myself after five years as a mother and as a wife.” He has also given a hint of his partner in the interview. She said that she is going to marry a man who is actively working on the vision of New India.

This was asked in an interview with Kangana Ranaut

Is she working on a project to become a mother and wife in five years? Kangana replied with a laugh, “Yes.” Then Kangana was asked about her partner and she said, “You will know soon.” When asked if he is happy in the relationship, he said, “Yes, of course,” to which he did not react and added that you will know very soon.

Kangana Ranaut shared a video of herself on Instagram after receiving the Padma Shri award

In which she is seen expressing her happiness about the honor. Along with this, he has also expressed gratitude. In this video, Kangana says, “Friends, as an artist, I have received a lot of love, respect. But, today for the first time in my life, I have got the award for being an ideal citizen. Padmashree, from this country, this government, and I am grateful. When I started my career, at a young age. So I didn’t get success.”

Kangana Ranaut further said, “After 8-10 years when I got success, I started working on things, not enjoying the success. I refused the fair product. Boycott fairness products. Item no. boycotted. Big heroes, forbidden to work in big production houses. Made many enemies. Make more enemies than money.”

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