Kane Williamson Favorite Show Revealed Manoj Bajpayee Gets Upset

India’s most loved entertainment online platform Amazon Prime is coming up with a new gift for its customers on the New Year. From January 1, you can now watch cricket on Amazon Prime. People interested in cricket can now enjoy sports along with movies and web series. In such a situation, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson talked to Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee about this subject.

Revealed his Favorite Indian Web Series

It was a meeting between the ‘Nice Guy’ of cricket and the ‘family man’ of TV. When New Zealand cricket captain Kane Williamson and actor Manoj Bajpayee came face-to-face for a virtual conversation. The two talked about everything from cricket to espionage and web shows. Kane managed to harass Manoj during this conversation. When he revealed his favorite Indian web series.

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Kane Williamson Likes Mirzapur

Kane Williamson and Manoj Bajpai appeared in a meeting through a virtual medium. During the conversation, Manoj Bajpayee asked Kin Williamson which is your favorite Indian web series. To which Kane Williamson replied that Mirzapur web series is my favorite series. On which Manoj Bajpai got upset. Because Manoj Bajpai also has a web series on Amazon. But Kane Williamson liked his Mirzapur only.

A Funny Conversation About Cricket and Entertainment

Earlier, both had a fun conversation about cricket and entertainment. Kane greeted Manoj and said, “Family man, how are you?” Manoj asked Kane many questions on behalf of the fans. One of which was – who among the New Zealand players would be a capable spy. In response, Williamson took the name of Glenn Phillips. When Manoj asked which New Zealand player would be the most suitable for the job of 9 to 5, Kane Williamson told Mitch Santner his choice.

Kane Williamson Greets Manoj Bajpayee

When the video started, Kane Williamson called Manoj Bajpai “Family man how are you?” Asked this question. During this Manoj Bajpayee asked many questions to Kane Williamson. Manoj asked Ken if a person would be best suited to do 9 to 5 jobs. So which New Zealand player would you name, then he took the name of Santner. Then Manoj asked who is the spy in your team, so he took the name of Glenn Phillips.

Waiting For the Third Season

Well, Kane Williamson and our thoughts are very similar. Because we also love the Mirzapur web series and like them, we are now eagerly waiting for the third season.

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