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Kalicharan Arrested For Abusing Mahatma Gandhi From Khajuraho In Madhya Pradesh

The way Kalicharan used derogatory words about Mahatma Gandhi from an open stage in a religious parliament held in Chhattisgarh, the police was looking for him since then.

Sant Kalicharan arrested

Sant Kalicharan, who made indecent remarks on Mahatma Gandhi in the Parliament of Religions, has finally been arrested. Earlier he said to be absconding. Now according to the information received, Sant Kalicharan has been arrested by Raipur Police from Khajuraho. He arrested by Raipur Police. Action is now being taken to bring the accused Kalicharan to Raipur.

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Kalicharan said in the video

An FIR lodged against me for abusing Gandhi. I have no remorse for that. I do not consider Gandhi as the Father of the Nation. If the punishment for speaking the truth is death, then it is acceptable.”

Owaisi had targeted

It is worth noting that there was a lot of politics regarding this. Owaisi had said that organizing the Parliament of Religions would not have been possible without Congress. Ram Sundar, the chief patron of Dharma Sansad, is the chairman of the Chhattisgarh Gau-Seva Commission. Gandhi was not only abused under his patronage but it was also said that the aim of Islam was to capture the nation.

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