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Journey of Parag Agrawal to becoming the CEO of Twitter

Born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, Parag Agarwal has wowed the world on the basis of his talent. He has been made the new CEO of microblogging site Twitter. In fact, Parag’s family lived in a rented house in Ajmer’s Dhanmandi and Khazana Gali for years. Due to his father’s job, he shifted to Mumbai and Parag was educated there. According to his landlord and neighbors here in Ajmer, Parag’s grandfather used to work as a bookkeeper. His family lived their life by struggling a lot. Today everyone is very happy with his success.

Born In Ajmer Government Hospital

Parag Agarwal was born on 21 May 1984 in the Government Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Ajmer city of Rajasthan. Then Parag’s father Ram Gopal Agarwal was working in BMRC in Mumbai, but then his parents i.e. Parag’s grandparents lived in a rented house in Ajmer’s Dhanmandi area. Then Ram Gopal Agarwal was not in such a condition that he should get the delivery of his wife in a private hospital in Mumbai. This was the reason that Aggarwal sent his wife to Ajmer to his parents and got him admitted to JLN Hospital for delivery. Then probably no one knew that this child born in a government hospital would one day become the CEO of Twitter, one of the largest organizations in the world.

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Family Living In Rented House For 25 Years

Parag Aggarwal has illuminated the name of Ajmer not only in India but also around the world with his talent. Parag’s grandfather, Ramchandra Agarwal, rented a room in Khazana Gali for about 25 years. At that time, he was in the category of poor family. He took care of the family by struggling a lot. Later they started living on rent in the house of Dhanmandi. After this he got his job and then he shifted to Mumbai. Parag was taught and written and today he is in this situation so I am very happy.

Shifted From Ajmer in 1979

Avinash Goyal, who lives in the Paddy Mandi area, told that his grandparents and parents used to live with him in his house, but in 1979 he vacated the house and moved to another house. Parag was born a few days after going there and after a few years of his birth, he had also moved from Ajmer. The paddy mandi house is lying vacant for a long time. Neighbors told that they knew Parag’s grandfather Ramchandra and they lived here for a few years. After that he shifted to Mumbai. Shailendra Aggarwal, president of Agrawal Samaj, said that Ajmer and the country’s name was illuminated by Parag becoming the CEO and it is a matter of great pride. His parents will come to Ajmer on December 4 and will be welcomed.

Working In Twitter For 10 Years

Parag Agarwal studied B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay and then completed his PhD from Stanford University. Parag has been associated with the Twitter company for 10 years. He joined Twitter as a specialized software engineer. Twitter made him Chief Technology Officer in 2018. Prior to Twitter, Parag has worked with Microsoft, Yahoo and AT&T Labs.

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