Johnny Makes More Than One Shocking Entrance Into Chanel

Today in Days of Our Lives, Johnny shocks Chanel, Elideville brings Ciara into the cabin, Jake puts the pieces together, and EJ confides in Rafe. At Brady’s Pub, Kayla is distracted while talking with Steve. He knows she is losing her job. She further says that she is annoyed at being fired. Steve suggests that they throw the darts to get him out of his mind.

Johnny Urges her to Listen to Him

At the hospital, Johnny contacts Chanel and Trip. Chanel starts walking away, but Johnny urges her to listen to him. EJ pipes up and says that Johnny was possessed by the devil. Chanel scoffs and Johnny passes out. Outside Johnny’s room, EJ tells Tripp Allie. The trip is terrified when EJ goes to talk to Marlena about her granddaughter. Rafe says that they both care about Johnny and all that matters is that he will be fine. Besides, EJ still has time to fix things with Johnny.

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Kayla Beats Steve with Darts

Later, Trip goes to the pub where Kayla beats Steve with darts. He tells them about Allie’s capture and her in front of Johnny. After processing everything together, Tripp goes on to get back to work. In her office, Marlena receives a call from Belle. Her eyes widened as she exclaims, “What was Johnny?” After Marlena hangs up, EJ enters her office. He says that they need to find Allie and tell Samantha now. Marlena calls and leaves a message to her daughter.

After Trip Settles Johnny on a Hospital bed

After Trip settles Johnny in a hospital bed, Chanel walks in. She asks if he was really possessed by the devil. He confirms that he has since the holidays. Chanel recounts how terrible it made her feel when he threw her in front of everyone. Johnny announced that it was not him. He doesn’t even remember it. All she remembers is how wonderful it made her feel. She is everything he ever wanted and there is no way in hell for him to ask her for a divorce.

Johnny Reveals he Knows she Slept with Allie

As Chanel remembers how much she was in pain, Johnny reveals that he knows she slept with Allie. He also knows about the trip. She tells that her mother stopped her before she made a drunken mistake. Johnny jokes, “I knew I liked Paulina.” Johnny explains that the devil chained her and tortured her with scenes of her having an affair with Tripp. Chanel wonders why the devil left his body. And where did he go? Johnny gently tells her that the devil has moved into Allie.

How Awful it was to see Johnny Strangled

EJ bumps into Rafe near the nurses’ hub. EJ shares how terrifying it was to walk in and see Andre strangle Johnny. He wonders what kind of person he is considering, he didn’t know how much trouble his son was in. Rafe explains that no one knew what was happening. EJ counters that he is Johnny’s father. Instead of taking pride in his abusive behaviour, he should have questioned the changes in him. She thought Johnny was finally accepting his Dimera birthright. What does it say about him, that he was finally proud of his son when he himself was not at all? EJ laughs at the irony of leaning on Rafe for comfort.

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