Johnny Depp Performs With Jeff Beck After Winning From Amber Heard

After winning the case against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp performed on stage with musician Jeff Beck. He wants to focus on his favorite work after winning the case from Amber. He is quite happy.

$10 million in damages to Johnny

Johnny Depp performed on stage with Jeff Beck at the Helsinki Blues Festival in Finland on Sunday. Johnny has won the defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Forgetting this, he is moving forward. Johnny was also given an amount of more than 10 million dollars as damages. The hearing of the defamation case between Johnny and Amber lasted for about six weeks. In after hearing both sides, the court gave its verdict and this decision went in favor of Johnny. With which he is very happy. He has now expressed his desire to do his work.

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feeling relieved

A source told news portal People, “There had to be a lawsuit. But she is happy that it is over now. However, he relieved by the verdict of the jury. But he’s not excited about it. He is not even talking about the trial yet. They filed the suit because they considered it necessary.”

love to film

The source added, “However, he has moved on. He can do that now. what they like to do. He enjoys giving performances and the time ahead is busy for him. He is also excited to continue the work. He just wants his career back. He loves filming.”

Amber was seen shopping

Meanwhile, Amber Heard was seen shopping at a discount store in the Hamptons, New York. His sister, Whitney Hurd, was also present with him while shopping at TJ Maxx, in photos obtained by TMZ. Amber wore a white shirt and denim and her sister had a trolley. It was not clear whether he bought anything or not.

Amber believes her allegations to be true

Let us tell you the amount that the court had asked to give to Johnny Depp as damages. On that Amber Heard’s lawyers had said that Amber was not able to pay her. Before shopping, Amber had in an interview given to a Savannah Guthrie that she put on ex-husband Depp. Still believes the allegations to be true.

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