Johnny Depp Appears in Unsealed Court Docs To Pose Nude Photos Of Amber Heard

Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, may have ended. But the shocking claims and accusations leveled against each other by the former lovers did not make it to the trial. Now, the pre-trial court docs that weren’t sealed until recently, reveal. That Depp’s team tried to present nude photos of Heard as evidence. Hurd’s team tried to suggest that Depp was taking medication for erectile dysfunction. And supposedly there were harmful texts that were not allowed to be submitted. For testing.

The defamation lawsuit went on for weeks

The defamation trial went on for weeks, culminating in countless hours of testimony, live testimony and media headlines. The verdict largely fell in Depp’s favor despite attempts by Heard’s attorneys to get the case thrown out and retried. It felt like after that time, the world had got it all. which was circulated in court. They even went so far as to hire a forensic expert who testified that he looked at the metadata and “discovered discrepancies that call into question the authenticity of the multimedia documents. His testimony was ultimately rejected.” The test was not allowed in evidence.

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Unsealed pre-trail court documents at the end of the week

As revealed in 6,000 pages of unsealed pre-trail court documents this weekend. There was a lot of information and details that both sides tried to present in those evidences. which were not approved by the judge or deemed unacceptable.Some of the documents relate to alleged evidence that lawyers for both Heard and Depp tried for a jury’s evaluation, but they were rejected.

According to abundant docs, Hurd’s team claims

Hurd’s team claims, according to docs abundant, that there was inconsistent metadata from several photographs and recordings submitted by Depp’s attorneys. In which he claimed he presented injuries and verbal abuse as evidence Originally, Hurd’s team claimed that the video, audio and photographic evidence presented by Depp’s team may have been manipulated. Hurd’s team submitted several proposals requesting original documents, but the motions were denied.

Depp tries to offer nude photos of actress as proof

Depp’s team also argued against attempts by Heard’s lawyers to collect parts of his medical records as evidence. Docs filed by Depp’s attorneys claimed that Heard “wants a circus. And clearly intends to take this trial down several unnecessarily salty rabbit holes. In particular, Mr. Depp’s medical history.” is in relation.” Meanwhile, documents filed by Heard’s lawyers claim that Depp attempted to offer nude photos of the actress as evidence.

According to the docs, Heard presented a drug list in evidence

According to the documents, Heard presented a drug list in evidence that included “Nexium, Cialis and Valtrex”. And Depp’s lawyers say Heard claimed Depp was suffering from “erectile dysfunction.” And he “suggests that it may have been an impetus for abuse in some way. However, Depp’s lawyers claim that Heard was trying to present the evidence only to embarrass him in court.”

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