John Cena WWE Superstar 16-Time World Champion For the Big Match

Cameron Grimes already has a stacked NXT CV. Joe is both the Million Dollar Champion and the NXT North American Champion. and is one of the few remaining stars to have survived the Black and Gold era.

On WWE’s biggest names of all time

Tonight, the 28-year-old can rise to the top by winning the NXT Championship. When he challenges Braun Brecker on the special NXT: The Great American Bash Show. However, Grimes is already looking ahead to a title win and has his eye on some of the biggest names in WWE to date. In conversation with Sportskeeda. Cameron says he wants to face John Cena once he wins the NXT Championship.

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Returns to Raw to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WWE debut

Cene returned to Raw on the June 27 show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut, and Grimes revealed. That he has always been a big Cena fan and was lucky enough to catch one of his t-shirts once. When he participated in a Raw show. fan in 2007

Absolutely unbelievable that John Cena is back

“I think it’s absolutely unbelievable that John Cena is back. That guy’s a freak,” Grimes said. John Cena is that man. I watch him so much and at any time that he can come back and be the true star that he is on our show. I’m tuning in all the time, okay. “I remember probably like 2007, Raw was in Raleigh, NC and I had to go to the show.

John Cena came out and took off his shirt. They tossed it around and threw it into the crowd. I grabbed that T-shirt and I remember I grabbed that T-shirt and the first thing I saw was the tag on the shirt. I wanted to know what size T-shirt he was wearing. She had XXXL’s t-shirt on and it was still tight on her arms. ,

WWE will return to the ring

During his appearance on Raw, Cena said that he does not know when he will return to the WWE ring. Many fans speculated that he would return for a match with Theory at SummerSlam. Because the pair continues to wage war against each over on social media.

Nevertheless, it was announced last night on Raw that Theory would challenge Bobby Lashley in a rematch for the United States Championship at SummerSlam later this month

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