John Cena Joins Fortnite Won’t Actually Be Invisible

The latest addition to Fortnite’s ever-expanding group of pop culture is none other than WWE superstar-turned-actor John Cena, who, in his prime, was undoubtedly the greatest professional wrestler in the world.

WWE Championship-Style Back Bling

This weekend, Fortnite players can grab John Cena’s skin in the Item Shop based on his most current look: jean shorts, a brightly colored shirt with vaguely inspirational catchphrases and copious sweatbands. Big Match in the full Cena set.As well as a shirtless version of John, WWE Championship-style back bling, a hand-shaped pickaxe, and a “You Can’t See Me” emote are featured, based on Cena’s taunts. Signature Five Knuckle Shuffle Move.

Cena’s appearance in Fortnite boosts the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view between Epic Games’ free-to-play lineup and WWE

As part of the event, Rocket League will also receive two unique decals based on Cena’s aesthetic and current undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns, while Fall Guys players can purchase outfits that match wrestlers Asuka, Xavier Woods, and Undertaker.

While having fun, this Epic Games partnership continues to grapple with the turmoil that engulfs WWE in the wrestling world.

The company’s CEO and founder, Vince McMahon, stepped down last week following news that he had an affair with a WWE employee and paid him $3 million to keep quiet. A subsequent investigation by WWE revealed similar NDAs allegedly issued to women who accused McMahon and talent relations chief John Laurinitis of misconduct.

McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, is now serving as interim CEO

It’s hard to blame Epic Games for promoting WWE during this time—these events are likely more than months, if not years, in advance—but as players, we probably need to contribute to Vince’s bottom line. Think twice, no matter how cute a Fall Guys Bean dressed like The Undertaker can be.

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