John Cena Brock Lesnar Vince McMahon: 15 Worst Injuries In WWE History

Sometimes the injuries aren’t that bad and the superstar only needs a few weeks, but in other cases, they’re actually quite serious.

Big E’s horrific neck injury in March

Following Big E’s horrific neck break in March, which he recently shared a worrying update about, we decided to look at the worst injuries in WWE history. So, with a caveat for the squeamish, here’s WWE Here are the 15 most horrific injuries in history, and footage of the exact moment they happened.

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forced to leave the ring for nine years

After suffering from neck problems for several years, Edge was forced into early retirement in 2011. But it was actually a spear he struck on Brodus Clay in April 2011 that kept him out of the ring for nine years. was forced to leave.

MRI said

Edge immediately felt his neck after hitting the spear (0:40 in the embedded video), and it was clear that he had done some damage. Not going back to the ring would make it clear that he could be paralyzed, or even die.

Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015

Thankfully, after nine years away, Edge came clean and was back in the ring, but for a while, the injury was so severe it looked like he’d never be able to wrestle again. When We Knight in 2015 Another neck injury comes when we look at Sting’s match with Seth Rollins at Off of Champions.

Rollins Sting suffered from cervical spinal stenosis

Rollins hit Sting with a buckle bomb, one of his signature shakes, but things went wrong, and it was clear that Sting was immediately hurt.
Like Edge, medical tests confirmed that Sting suffered from cervical spinal stenosis, and was forced to retire from in-ring competition.

/Five years later, working with WWE Hall of Famer AEW

Like Edge, that wasn’t the end of the story for Sting, as five years later, the WWE Hall of Famer agreed to wrestle again while working with AEW. That Sting’s neck injury was so severe that he would never be able to wrestle again.

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