Joel Domett was named as the host of returning show Survivor

Joel Domett has been confirmed as the host of popular reality show Survivor ahead of its new UK launch on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

After presenting the Television Awards

The comedian has been named host in 2021 after presenting the hit ITV series The Masked Singer and the prestigious National Television Awards, during which he brought his style to one of the most important nights in the television calendar. Announcing his new role He said: ‘I’m the new host of UK’s Survivor! I can’t believe it! Many thanks to the BBC for trusting me. It’s such a popular format all over the world and I’m so excited to help bring it to our lovely little country. Let the tribal councils begin!’

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Production Company Remarkable Entertainment

Survivor is being rebooted by production company Remarkable Entertainment and will once again find people from all walks of life stranded on a remote tropical island, where they engage in a series of strategic and social games to win. Tribals will need to form societies, catch their own food, build their own shelter, and compete against each other in epic challenges for reward or immunity.

Remarkable Entertainment, Initial

Those who win immunity are safe from elimination from the game at Tribal Council, during which each tribe must vote out one of their own until the sole survivor emerges and wins a life-changing £100,000 cash prize. While a broadcast date has yet to be confirmed, applications to take part in the new UK series will now open and close on 6 March. Natalka Zanuck, CEO of Remarkable Entertainment, Initial and Zanuck TV, said: ‘Survivor is not only the best show on TV, One of the big shows, we are thrilled to host one of the biggest talents on TV.

entertainment chief, said

‘Joel’s infectious wit and energy is second to none – I can’t wait to see him carry our Survivor contestants through their epic battles!’ Kalpana Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment for the BBC, said: ‘It’s fantastic to have Joel on board!’With his natural comedic charm we’re thrilled that he’ll be there to guide, encourage and challenge our contestants as they’re all unique Let’s try to survive!’

a reboot of the show

A reboot of the show, which has been syndicated in 50 different countries, has been mooted since 2017, nearly 15 years after the UK version was cancelled. The British series ran from 2001 to 2002 before going off-air. The show first aired in Sweden in 1997 and has since been ranked as the No. 1 best reality show of all time by Variety, with 360 series To date commissions have been made globally.

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