Jodi-Turner Says Smith Promotes Motorola TheCallThatStartedItAll Campaign

The happy couple says that when they promote Motorola’s #TheCallThatStartedItAll campaign. So they plan to show them The Mighty Ducks when their child is “a little older.” Jodie Turner-Smith can’t wait for Joshua Jackson to take a walk down memory lane with his daughter.

36-year-old British actress-model

The 36-year-old British actress-model told PEOPLE. That she’s so excited to see her husband’s first film with 2-year-old Jenny, first child. Their daughter was born in 2020, a few months later PEOPLE confirmed. The couple tied the knot in December 2019. “Every time people come up to him and be like. Mighty Ducks changed my life or it’s so important to me, so sweet. It’s the cutest thing,” marvels Smith.

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Motorola and its TheCallThatStartedItAll campaign with Jackson

Speaking with Jackson about his partnership with Motorola and its #TheCallThatStartedItAll campaign, Smith told PEOPLE. “We’re going to play 100% Mighty Ducks for him. I can’t wait.” Not yet though. I want her to be a little bigger. There are other older kids in it. Also, we have to find out, how strange it would be for him to see his father as a kid,” she adds, laughing.

Centered around the ragtag hockey team

Centered around the ragtag hockey team, the first The Mighty Ducks film was released in 1992. And it starred Emilio Estevez as Coach Gordon Bombay. Also, there were Joss Ackland, Lane Smith, Joseph Sommer, Jackson, and Alden Henson. The hockey flick spawned two sequels – D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) and D3: The Mighty Ducks 1996 – and an animated series.

Jackson still remembers receiving calls

Jackson, for his part, still remembers receiving calls, that he booked his role in The Mighty Ducks as of yesterday. I remember being at my high school fundraiser when the call came for The Mighty Ducks. And I knew how important it was. “And I was in Vancouver trying to patch a hole in my mom’s roof. When I called for Dawson’s Creek, that was also a very important call.

Taking care of their families say, Jackson and Smith

Now, with their family in mind, Jackson and Smith say they are “choosing” to work more together as a unit. Like partnering up to promote Motorola’s iconic Razr phone. This is something we have our eyes on. It’s a huge benefit,” says Smith. “Probably the most surprising collaboration we have,” says Jackson. The one you can possibly expect in your life, which is husband and wife and parents.

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