Ji Sung Biological Father Uncovers The Truth

Adamas” episode 13 surprised viewers with a shocking twist as Ji Sung teams up with the former Tam A leader, his biological father. As the thriller-crime series nears its finale, TVN Weekday’s K-drama Back to high rating.

‘Adamas’ Episode 13 Viewership Rating

According to Nielsen Korea, Ji Sung’s K-drama “Adamas” received an average nationwide rating of 3.139 percent, which is the minimum increase from episode 12 to 3..024 percent.

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His stepfather in “Adamas” episode 13

As twins, Ha Woo Xin and Song Soo Hyun are eager to expose the truth by proving that their biological father was innocent, what really happened on the night of their stepfather’s murder in “Adamas” episode 13, It shows a flashback. During his visit to prison, Lee Chang Woo reveals how he ended up in prison and Lee Jun Kyung claims his position as the leader of Team A.

children’s stepfather

Lee Chang Woo plans to start afresh and hires a mover to help him unpack his things; However, it is revealed that the proposer was the stepfather of his children. The night he was about to leave, the stepfather broke into his house, not knowing that Lee Jun Kyung was inside, planning to kill Lee Chang Woo. was.

To escape, Lee Jun Kyung pins the case to Lee Chang Woo.

In flashbacks, it was also shown that Lee Jun Kyung had offered Lee Chang Woo to steal millions of men and that they would be his accomplices on how they could replace it with a fake. However, 22 years later the truth came out and Chairman Kwon learned about the fake murder weapon.

Team A’s Mr. Lee

The chairman of Haisong invited Choi Tae Sung, the manager of his security team, to go on a fishing trip; However, he knew this was no ordinary activity. As they arrived on a yacht in the middle of the lake, they found Team A’s Mr. Lee tied on his knees and begging the chairman to spare his life.

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