Jessica Alves Is 95 Percent Happy After Transitioning From Human Cane to Human Barbie

The 38-year-old TV star – who was born as Rodrigo Alves but underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2021 after coming out as a trans woman a year earlier – became known as the Human Cane doll, but earned £1 Million spent. (approx R20m) On cosmetic work and her eyes tailored in the style of supermodel Bella Hadid to look like the famous girlfriend of the Mattel doll.

sex reassignment surgery

I changed my appearance after massive plastic surgery. There is an association that I look like Barbie but I was nicknamed Ken for 10 years. Surgery after surgery, I am the woman I am today. This is the final product .

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38 year old TV star said

I feel 95% happy. I think I look great. I look good and when I wake up in the morning I look in the mirror and say thank you to God, my family and my doctor. So basically I had a facelift but a facelift on the top side so instead of making a cut the doctor made four incisions and he was able to go through my skin, tightening the muscles on my face and my eyes, my cheeks and raised my forehead. She calls the eye surgery Bella Eyes after Bella Hadid.

6.4 million instagram followers

The former “Celebrity Big Brother” star — who recently posed as the iconic fashion doll and unveiled the transformation to her 6.4 million Instagram followers — revealed that while she’s “really happy” with her look, it’s Despite having more than 10 operations, it is impossible to find a surgeon to shape her nose the way she wants it.

Speaking on ITV’s “This Morning”

told hosts Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes: “I lost a lot of things during COVID, and I’m really happy to be back in life after Covid. I’ve had more than 10 plastic surgeries on my nose. It’s impossible to find a surgeon who really does. I could fix my nose. If you know a good doctor I’d like to fix it but if I can’t I’ll just have to live with it. I’m so happy with everything else, my curves, my Body.”

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