Jeremy Vine called ‘p***k’ after Welsh boxer shares video of a near miss with car

Radio and television show host Jeremy Vine has sparked a debate after he shared a video of a car swerving into a cycle lane in which he was cycling. The Channel 5 and Radio 2 lunchtime host shared footage from the camera he wears while cycling and shows a car turning left and then turning onto the cycle lane, forcing Vine to bring himself to an abrupt stop.

A man’s stinging attempt to embarrass someone on social media

The clip divided opinion, with many erroneously saying that the driver was driving correctly and that Vine is to blame. But a detective superintendent left no room for doubt, setting out the rules and saying that “there should be no need to debate this”. Among those who took very strong views on the video was former Welsh professional boxer Enzo Maccarinelli, who Said Vines “is a threat, not a driver”. He said: “Trying to get people into trouble because he is in the public eye, he is a danger not the driver. The driver signaled six yards before turning which is wrong. He had to stop and slow down.” Enough time for the sting of a man trying to shame someone on social media who has done nothing wrong.”

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A refresher driving course needed

The journalist asked the driver to take a “refresher driving course”, while the motorist reportedly apologized. He shared the 30-second clip on his social media account, which has now been viewed over 15.5 million times: “It just happened. He said ‘sorry I didn’t see you’. Apologies are always accepted” .. But this gentleman needs a refresher driving course.” Some on social media were in favor of the driver, while others supported him for “educating” the motorist. Responding, Chris Thompson said to Jeremy on Twitter: “You should apologize to him!! He was indicating for ages before turning but you were riding like a Tour de France sprint, 100% your fault”

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