Jeremy Clarkson will face an important meeting tomorrow

Viewers of Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 will be more familiar with her long-running planning disputes with West Oxfordshire District Council.

Broadcaster Diddley Squat Farm

However, this appeal hearing will not form part of season 3 as the planning inspector has banned filming in the council chamber. Both are challenging the enforcement notice issued for opening the restaurant.

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Mr. Clarkson opens his restaurant at Diddley Squat Farm.

The authority refused planning permission in January for a restaurant based in and around one of the farm’s barns, but they went ahead with opening a restaurant in their Lowland Barn in July, saying they found a “pleasant little drawback”. “was granted – it is believed to a permitted development right.

WODC plans its launch in August 2022

The WODC took action in its enforcement notice in August 2022, saying that the parking, toilets, traffic, and food installed by Clarkson’s Farm as well as being “visibly intrusive and detrimental” to the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Diddley Squat The illegal use of the farm is unsustainable and inconsistent with its open countryside location due to its nature, scale and siting,” it said. It then ordered the closure of restaurants or anything selling food that eaten on the farm. and also ordered the removal of dining tables, chairs, umbrellas, picnic tables, and mobile toilets.

agents acting on Clarkson’s behalf said

In the enforcement notice, it stated that no retail food should sold within a 16-mile (25.7 km) radius of the farm or as permitted the council, and also stated that the converted barn, where the restaurant is located, would have to be sold as its own. to be returned to its original condition. Agents acting on Clarkson’s behalf said they were not in breach of planning laws, claiming the council’s decision was “excessive”.

“New Storage Complex and Associated Landscaping

The appeal states that Diddley Squat’s sale of food and use of tables and chairs are all “legitimate” and will take more than the six weeks the council has given them to remove the items. In March 2022, the former Top Gear presenter applied again for planning permission for a car park extension and “new storage premises and associated landscaping” on his farm. This refused in May 2022 by the WODC, saying that due to its location, size, and design, The reason being the proposed development would have “a visually intrusive and detrimental effect on the rural character, natural beauty, and tranquility” of the area.

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