Jennifer Lopez all Transparent and Semi-n*de Photoshoot Showing Off Some Sexy Shoes

Jennifer Lopez recently rocked three sexy black looks while flaunting her killer heels. Check them out and the price tag attached to them

Jennifer Lopez is one hot and sexy beauty

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American actress Jennifer Lopez is one hot and sexy beauty. The singer, who turned 53 last July, has millions of fans across the globe thanks to her films, music, and most importantly, her fashion. The actress who tied the knot with Ben Affleck took to Instagram a while back and shared some stunning pictures of herself in killer heels.

237 million followers on Instagram

JLo has 237 million followers on Instagram and used the photo-sharing platform earlier today to promote her love of shoes. While she shared a post with all three looks, JLO Jennifer Lopez shared each look separately. And we are grateful for that.

Look Rocking Three Pairs of Sexy Killer Heels from Lopez

JLo for Revolve Lynn sharing the look by rocking three pairs of sexy killer heels from Jennifer Lopez. Which jointly cost around Rs 50,000. On her Instagram, the actress simply captioned it, “I love the shoes!!!!”

Extremely high slit flaunting her left thigh

While we love all three of Jennifer Lopez’s looks, scroll down for a closer look at each look and how she styled the shoes. Costing ₹13,198.66, JLo’s styled her sunset sandals with a jaw-dropping, deep-cut black bodysuit and sheer black mesh. The ultra-high slit flaunted her left thigh and was complemented perfectly by the stiletto heels with fine ankle straps and pom-pom.

Jennifer Lopez rocked it for this collab photoshoot

Another look Jennifer Lopez rocked for this collab photoshoot, in which she was completely covered from neck to toe. ₹ 22,685.19 Paired with crystal-embellished clue boots with tassel details on the sleeves and thighs with a full black ensemble, the look screams boss lady and nobody to be messed with.

Beverly Platform Heel Price ₹ 14,848.49

JLo’s third look for the shoot saw the singer-actress wear a dazzling, sequined floor-length black dress that featured stunning bra detail. The halter-style neckline created a cross on her torso, covering her b**bs (but not completely) and putting the rest of her upper body on display for all to see. As far as shoes are concerned, the Beverly Platform Heel is priced at ₹14,848.49 and features a killer platform and height.

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