Jennifer Lawrence And Emma Stone Friendship Is Still Going Strong Posted A Photo Of The Pair To Instagram Account

In case you were wondering, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone’s iconic friendship is still going strong. “We both had the same hunter. His name was John the Orchestra Guy. He would ‘accidentally’ text us,” Lawrence said at the time.

Stone chose an all-black ensemble

On July 31, Hawa Yuan Szechuan’s Instagram account posted a photo of the pair in New York City, who stopped for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. In the picture, Lawrence wore a striped button-down shirt over a black T-shirt with jeans. And a square alligator-skin tote although it may have a vegetarian look. And Stone chose an all-black ensemble. Both women screamed casual vibes with their hair pulled back and minimal makeup.

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The restaurant’s social media manager wrote in the caption of the picture

The restaurant’s social media manager wrote in the caption of the picture? “Hwa Yuan was thrilled to host Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence for dinner.” Chef Tang and the Tang family are his big fans and respected. That they are fans of our restaurants and food. Emma and Jennifer, we hope you enjoyed and will be back again soon. Perhaps if it were Pretty Little Liars, who knew, that the strongest foundation of friendship is built on avoiding stalkers?

Participate in joint interviews and public gatherings

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have been open about their bond over the years. Many participate in joint interviews and public gatherings. However, in recent years the two actors have become more private as they each got married and welcomed children. In a video interview for W Magazine in 2018, Lawrence and Stone opened up about the unique way they met through a mutual “predator.” Maybe keeping a low profile is for the best?

Must have worked in the studio or as an agent’s assistant or something

Stone clarified that he was not “really” a hunter: “He was someone who had a lot of numbers,” she said. “He must have worked in the studio or as an agent’s assistant or something. He texted me and said, ‘Hey, Alex—making up a name. I’m late on my way to the soundstage. Will you be there for me? Can the orchestra warm up? Make sure the orchestra warm up to me. It was always about the orchestra. ‘Can you text me back and tell me you got it? John.’ “

Lawrence said?

According to Stone and Lawrence, when they first agreed to meet, they were friends on a text-only basis for about a year. “We were texting every day for a year, but we never talked on the phone and we never met,” Lawrence said. “Then we were finally going to meet and he sent me his address and I’m driving, and on the way, I’m like. ‘Oh my god, what if it’s John the orchestra cow?’ He thought when I was on the way, ‘Oh my god, what if it’s John the orchestra guy?’ So then I called you and we were like, ‘Hello?’ It was the first thing we had in common. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

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