Jennifer Coolidge Libertine And Proud Housewives Fan

There is no bad time to applaud celebrities who are having a little fun in their lives against all odds. So in our new column, Love That For Her, we celebrate women living life to the fullest in the moment. May their joie de vivre inspire us all. How do I love you, Jennifer Coolidge? Let me count the ways.

As Stifler’s mom in American Pie, Whiskey

To start from the beginning, I clearly remember the first time I saw Coolidge on screen. The sultry, pillow-wrapped, platinum blonde hair was totally tousled. As Stifler’s mom in American Pie, seducing Finch with a glass of whiskey and a cigarette. (I was a pre-teen and living at my friend’s house, enjoying the illicit thrill of watching a movie. We were certainly very young while the parents were out. Later, I Fell in love with her again. The spunky manicurist Paulette in Legally Blonde, perfecting “Bend and Snap” and tackling her deadbeat ex with a classic line.

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Everyone felt calm on the Coolidge front for many years

Still, everyone felt calm on the Coolidge front for several years. Until, however, she returned with a bang as the undisputed star of Mike White’s The White Lotus. Disturbing, tragic, and side-splitting (if somewhat unintentional) was playing out. The funny Tanya, a woman who travels by air to scatter her mother’s ashes. and eventually establishes a strange, transactional “friendship” with Belinda, her hotel’s distressed massage therapist. With the show stellar ratings and a second season on the way, Coolidge is back. Baby—and if the impressive reviews she received for her performance weren’t enough to prove Jane-invasion, just take a look at those Golden Globe and Emmy nominations.

The White Lotus’s Return Begins in October

To usher in the return of The White Lotus in October. This time, set in the glamorous resort town of Taormina, Sicily-Culridge kicked off her press tour with a cover story earlier this week in Variety. And among the various succulents, he shares was the first season of The White Lotus. Was vomiting all the way through shooting that boat scene. And mainlining 25 cappuccinos a day to keep up my stamina while filming another), came one that particularly rocked the internet. – Busy.

In a video accompanying the interview, she said

“I got a lot of drama out of being a MILF, and I got a lot of sex action from American Pie,” she said in a video accompanying the interview. “There were so many benefits to doing that film. I mean, there must be 200 people I’ve never slept with. Wait, do the reverse. 200 people? Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less for the original MILF—her character helped coin. And it remains in the pop-culture lexicon to this day—but 200? This is some impressive work. So let me just come out and say this: I love that for her.

Himself as a fan of the hit Bravo franchise

Of course, Coolidge generally arched as she did it all, her softly hoarse voice offering the aural equivalent of a wink. Part of Jen’s joy is that you never know she’s having fun. Or not—and either way, he’s very much in on the joke. Nowhere else in the interview, when asked if she watches Real Housewives. Yep, it turns out, with her particular favorite being Beverly Hills. As is customary when anyone identifying themselves as a fan of the hit Bravo franchise, the next question was: What would your tagline be?

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