Jenna Ortega faces one of her biggest Fears

Jenna Ortega is the youngest star to host Saturday Night Live or SNL in season 48. Here’s what he had to say about facing his biggest fear on the show.

The actress did an impressive job on stage

Jenna Ortega, 20, is the youngest person to host Saturday Night Live, or SNL, in season 48. While the Wednesday actress did an impressive job on stage, she mentioned that one of the reasons she wanted to host was to face her biggest fear. More on this is below.

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Jenna Ortega’s SNL Monologue

During her SNL monologue, Jenna not only mentioned her age, but also shared that she has been acting since the young age of 9. He then played a clip of an old toothpaste ad featuring her.

Reasons to host SNL

The actress also shared that the reason she wanted to host SNL was to face her biggest fear, which is, “happy, extroverted people who are always trying to perform.” Ortega also poked fun at how people see him in real life because of his roles on horror shows and movies like Wednesday and Scream VI. Jenna said, “Many people believe that I am curvy and curvy in real life because of these roles, but I am not like that at all.” “I think there’s something about my face where people look at it and they say, ‘Hey, let’s throw blood on that.

Wednesday Adams from the hit Netflix show Wednesday

A few days ago a promo was released ahead of Jenna Ortega’s SNL hosting gig. In the promo, Jenna was seen slipping into her now-globally-popular character of Wednesday Addams from her hit Netflix show Wednesday. She was seen on the show in a costume inspired by the Titanic character, when comedy trio Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy approached her and requested her to do the Wednesday dance one more time. Jenna aka Wednesday read the script. The latter appreciates it and then says that it is very well written. Although she says, she doesn’t want to do Wednesday’s dance because people have seen too much of it. She then suggests that they should try something new.

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