Jazmin Day Showing Off M-cup Boobs In Lingerie

Things turned steamy when model Jazmine Day asked her Instagram fans if they wanted to ‘Netflix and chill’ with her. She showed off her M-cup boobs in some lush, pink lingerie.

Model Jazmine Day asked fans

Model Jazmine Day asked fans if they wanted to ‘Netflix and chill’ with her. The 29-year-old OnlyFans star is known for sharing sexy pictures online. Which mainly focuses on her M-cup boobs. However, this particular post caused more of a stir than usual as it garnered over 9,000 likes and tons of comments.

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Paired the racy performance with flawless makeup

Jazmin, who boasts 398,000 Instagram followers, was seen flaunting her massive bosom in pink lingerie as her bosom was skimpily puckered. She also showed off her knickers and suspenders while posing up a storm for the cameras. The blonde, who is originally from Wales, paired her racy performance with impeccable makeup, which included smokey eyeshadow and lined lips.

Jazmin, who now lives in the US

Meanwhile, her blonde locks were styled in tousled curls. Jazmin, who now lives in the US, was seen posing in front of a TV that displayed the iconic Netflix symbol. Teasing fans, she asked in the caption: “Want to Netflix and chill? You know where to go to find out.” as she seemingly referenced her OnlyFans page.

Results for ‘Netflix and Chilling’

If you’re not familiar with the phrase, ‘Netflix and chilling’ with someone results in a cry. The movie is more likely to be edgy than to have a good cry. The caption freaked some out, as one replied: “Don’t know how much chilling we’ll be doing.

Another quipped

However, another quipped: “What are we watching? I’m down for Stranger Things.” A candid outfit as she turned into a hot Daphne – and many thought she was tastier than a bag of Scooby Snacks.

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