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Jawan Arrested For Leaking Army Information To Pakistani Woman

ATS team has arrested an army jawan from Patna for leaking army documents from a Pakistani female agent. The jawan has also accepted the allegations against him in the interrogation.

Once again the case of honeytrap has come to the fore in the army.

A young Pakistani woman was giving important information related to the army. As soon as the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) came to know about this, the accused jawan was arrested.

The accused jawan is a resident of Bihar.

The jawan had gone to his home on leave when he was arrested by the ATS. The accused jawan has also confessed to sharing information with the Pakistani woman during interrogation.

The name of the arrested jawan is Ganesh Kumar.

Ganesh Kumar was currently posted in Pune. Recently he was transferred from Jodhpur to Pune. Ganesh is accused of sharing documents related to the Indian Army with a Pakistani woman.

Friendship on Facebook

According to the information, Ganesh came in contact with a Pakistani woman through Facebook. Slowly both of them started talking and became friends. Both used to talk to each other through phone numbers as well. The woman implicated the jawan in such a way that Ganesh started sharing the documents related to the army with that woman. The Pakistani woman had described herself as a doctor of Indian defense.

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The accused jawan got caught like this

Intelligence was suspicious of this for many days. Some jawan is leaking important information related to the Indian Army to a Pakistani agent. After this, when the intelligence started investigating, the needle stopped at Ganesh. Ganesh had gone to his home on leave, from where he was arrested by the ATS team.

Ganesh was brought for questioning at Khagaul police station in Patna.

During interrogation, Ganesh has confessed to sharing information with the Pakistani woman. After this, a case was registered against him under the Privacy Act, and arrested. However, in this matter, the army officers are refraining from speaking anything officially.

Such cases have come before

This is not the first case of an army jawan being caught in the trap of a Pakistani agent and sharing important information. Even before this, a Pakistani woman was also getting a soldier named Santosh in the Danapur sub-area and getting documents related to the army by trapping her. In that case also the jawan was arrested.

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