Jamie Lee Curtis Caught Attention In A Transparent Top

Jamie Lee Curtis, 63, caught attention in a transparent top. Which showed a little glimpse of her curvy physique under a bright emerald green suit as she stepped out in New York last night.

Jamie Lee Curtis Dare to Bare Her Curves

Jamie Lee Curtis dared to bare her curves but kept it classy after attending a New York festival yesterday. The Halloween Kills star, who has been in business for decades, was in the Big Apple to discuss the Halloween franchise at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in town. Her suit jacket was tied at the waist before opening up to reveal a sheer paneled top.

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For the Halloween franchise, he was representing

The smiling star even walked past a fan in a Michael Myers outfit at the entrance of the event. He was representing the Halloween franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis was playing it safe with a black mask over his nose and mouth. Despite Biden’s recent announcement that in the United States, the pandemic is believed to be over. However, her curves were suitably disguised, giving her red carpet a touch of sophistication.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Latest Movie Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis created her stunning attention-grabbing sheer top under a business-like suit. Because she was deep into the conversation at the event. Jamie Lee Curtis first gained international fame through the 1978 horror classic Halloween. During which she played the role of Laurie Strode.

Jamie Lee Curtis Upcoming Disney Film Haunted

Jamie Lee Curtis also star in the upcoming Disney film Haunted Mansion. Which will also include Jared Leto, Rosario Dawson, Winona Ryder, and Danny DeVito. Jamie Lee Curtis is pictured in her horror-themed tee at the Halloween Horror Nights red carpet celebration at Universal Studios Hollywood. Earlier this month Jamie Lee Curtis was also promoting her films in Hollywood.

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