Jack Whitehall Reveals Brits After Falling Out With Girlfriend Roxy Horner

Going on a solo tour is a huge undertaking for many musicians. But Katie Melua won’t be alone. She is bringing along an additional special guest star. The Nine Million Cycles singer will be bringing her son Sandro along on her latest European adventure, along with all the essentials that come with a three-month-old baby.

Freeze your eggs at the age of 37

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Melua once worried that she would have to decide between a child or a career. He also got his eggs frozen at the age of 37. But a year later, ahead of the release of her ninth album, she wants to show others that motherhood or music shouldn’t be the singer’s choice.

Ninth studio album Love and Money Friday,

Katy’s ninth studio album Love & Money is out on Friday, March 24. The war in Ukraine has halted progress across a wide area. Melua is alarmed by the instability spreading across Georgia, with protests recently erupting in the capital. Earlier this month, citizens challenged one such law.

The requirement to register as an agent of foreign influence

Under these media outlets receiving more than 20 percent of their funding from foreign sources will be required to register as agents of foreign influence. Adapted from a similar law in Russia, this proposal would have threatened the freedom of the press. Diplomatic warnings as well as protests from the European Union meant that it was not passed. “I’m over the moon that they threw it out.” Melua heaved a sigh of relief. “I find it inspiring.

Gary Lineker in his role at the BBC

Gary Lineker has returned to his role at the BBC following controversy over speaking out against the government’s illegal immigration bill. Melua and I are talking just a day after it was announced. Melua calls the controversy over the BBC’s fairness rules ridiculous.

abandoned Georgia while still a child

An immigrant, I think he chose words for the Home Secretary. “I’m not a politician,” she cautions. “But it is clear that no refugee ever leaves their country by choice.” She confesses that she was heartbroken when Georgia was abandoned when she was still a child – and guilty of the chances her relatives back home didn’t take.

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