Italian Model Promising Nude Bus Tour

Similar to her own soccer team, Paolina Saulino deepens the use of the current international break. For personal introspection and looks to upload some more great pics.

Napolitano is 19 points clear at the top of Serie A

Paolina Saulino is one of the millions of Napoli fans who just can’t contain their excitement. The Napolitano are 19 points clear at the top of Serie A and face AC Milan in the Champions League quarter-finals. An Italian model promising a nude bus tour has fans staring at her behind like a worm.

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Diego Armando may return to Maradona Stadium

However, unlike his fellow supporters, Saulino promised a naked, open-top bus tour on behalf of Luciano Spalletti if he won Europe’s elite competition. But when his beloved Napoli had to take a back seat for the international break. So he went on to see his country face England in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Diego Armando may return to Maradona Stadium.

Beyond the Titanic Feud

Ahead of the Titanic tussle, Salino sat coyly, on a swing, on the beach. His camera, or photographer, was positioned directly below him to take an almighty shot behind him. “I am who I am even without anyone’s permission,” she wrote passionately along with her caption on Instagram.

I’m not really willing to pay

“My power, which is authenticity, also determines my loneliness. But I have to say that putting everything to scale and paying the price with myself, ultimately in exchange for approval, will not only be too high a price. But I’m Not really willing to pay,” she said. “I think maybe with €3,000 I will do it and I can contact people who can rent me a bus or provide this service.

Napoli wins the champions league

“The power of being free to date wherever I want and whenever I want is one of the most beautiful things I’ve learned from life. She certainly is, to use her own phrase, “being free For”. If Napoli won the Champions League, she promised that she would take off the clothes and let everything else be free.

I can tell the readers of the Daily Star

“I can tell the readers of the Daily Star that I’m going to do something crazy, and celebrate by doing a naked Napoli bus top,” she said mischievously. “It’s something I can do and it’s something I can afford. Honestly, I don’t think renting a bus is the most expensive thing in the world.

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