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It Was So Beautiful That People Want To Marry The Ashes Even After The Girl Death

Last month, a 25-year-old social media influencer committed live suicide in China. She was very famous in China for her beauty.

Man wants to marry deceased woman

Today we got to see news related to thousands of years old beliefs. to which it is associated. Actually, some men here are trying to marry a woman who has died only last month. The tradition under which these men want to marry that woman is called ‘ghost marriage’ in China.


Of course, you must be shocked to hear this. but it’s true. In fact, last month in China, a well-known social media influencer of 25 years committed suicide live. She was very famous in China for her beauty. People on social media yearned to talk to her once. But she was very popular. But he had more than 6 lakh followers.

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committed suicide in live video

Luo Xiaomao Maozi committed suicide on the 15th of last month during a live video. He had posted a video before the suicide. Which he had said many times. He wants to commit suicide. After this, he drank pesticide in his last live video. According to the news of The Sun, people who were watching this suicide live. He also instigated Maozi to drink pesticides.

Luo Xiaomao Maozi was admitted to the hospital after consuming the pesticide.

According to the report, on October 15, Luo Xiaomao Maozi was admitted to the hospital after consuming the pesticide. However, his life could not be saved. Luo Xiaomao Maozi posted 38 videos on social media before he died. All these videos were very viral.

Know what is ‘ghost marriage’

According to the report, the people who performed the last rites of Luo Xiaomao Maoz. Those people made a plan to sell his ashes. So that people can do ‘ghost marriage’ with them. Let us tell you that ‘ghost marriage’ is a 3000-year-old practice in Chinese culture. In some areas of China, this practice continues to this day. According to custom, people marry the ashes of a dead person.

By doing ‘ghostly marriage’, the next generation will lead a happy life

It is believed that even the person who dies from this should get married. After this, the living person with whom he marries later, his next generation should live a happy life. At present this practice is banned in China. But recently, many such cases have come to the fore that people have been eager to get married to those who died online. According to the report, the police have arrested two other people apart from the person performing the last rites.

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