Many times in films, there are many sex scenes according to the situation. Make these scenes look real, make the story better, the makers try their best. But the easier it is to see these scenes on the screen, the more difficult it is to shoot them. Knowing the story behind them, you will undoubtedly be surprised how intimate scenes are shot.

Dance Choreographer Help

It takes a lot of effort to make a hookup scene strong and graceful. The New York-based choreographer specializes in choreographing these scenes. She shows it by doing the first scenes with her partner. Then she teaches this to the actors. This does not make any actor feel insecure. Hollywood also has intimacy choreographers. His job is also to choreograph sex scenes. With this, these scenes are filmed like a dance number or stunt sequence.

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Have To Shoot in Periods Too

Many actors do not have any problem in giving nude scenes. But there are many who feel uncomfortable. Things like cock sock and snatch patch are used for such actors. A male actor hides his private part using a cock sock. During sex scenes in films, women are dressed like landing strips.It is pasted with double tape or something called. According to on-set costume designer Sara Basta, actresses have to shoot intimate scenes even when they have periods.

Body Doubles are Used For Longer Shoots

For actors, body doubles are used in sex scenes even when the shooting goes on for a long time.An actor was invited to shoot sex scenes for a Hollywood hunk in his upcoming TV series. Sharing his experience, the actor said, ‘I had to do many Kamasutra positions. The shooting lasted for five to six hours. By the end, both my knees were chipped. There were wounds. And I had to live with plaster on my knees for several days.

Erections May or May Not Happen

The actors who talked about the body double also talked about the body double. He said that he talks to his partners even before the scene. He said, ‘I say if this happens then forgive me. Even if it didn’t, forgive me. In such a situation, even if I happen suddenly, then she will not be scared thinking that I am going beyond the limits of acting. And if this does not happen, he will not feel rejected. In this way you will not face any discomfort.

Slowly Comes Out

Sometimes it goes all over the place while pouring this. Due to this, there is a wound in the urethra and something like a pouch becomes there. Sometimes this problem also arises due to injury. Because of this, during the climax, the semen gets deposited in that pit instead of coming out directly. Then after some time Seman comes out slowly.

Makeup is Done all Over The Body

Actress Viola Davis did this for her romantic scenes in the series. Makeup artist Myre Sharpe, who worked in the film True Blood, likes to spray tan on makeup. Brigette says, ‘If you spray tan yourself, you feel like another skin. It looks like you are wearing too much clothes. Also she says that dry spray tan does not apply on your bed, furniture, and other actors.

Sex Toys are Carefully Selected

Prop master Tom Cahill, who worked on the Netflix series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, explains that his department is in charge of which sex toys would be right for a show or movie. Tom said about this, ‘Due to broadcast standard and practice, some TV channels take care of which toys to show on the screen. I remember once I had a hen party scene.