Is The Rumor Of Mr Bean Death True Or False?

Such news is spreading on social media about popular Hollywood actor Rowan Atkinson, due to which his fans have become very upset. Everyone is asking the same question about Rowan Atkinson, who made the whole world laugh with the character of ‘Mr Bean’, whether Rowan Atkinson has died (Mr Bean Dead). Actually, the news of Rowan Atkinston’s death took hold on social media. But, the truth is that these are just rumours.

Mr Bean is completely healthy

Rowan Atkinson, who has played roles like Johnny English and Mr Bean, is alive and well. There was a rumor on Twitter about Rowan Atkinson that he had passed away. After which the fans of the actor got upset about him.

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Many people started expressing grief while writing RIP Mr Bean. But, Mr. Bean is completely fine and healthy. However, this is not the first time that such news has come about Rowan Atkinson making people laugh. There have been rumors of Rowan’s death in the past as well.

According to a Spotboye report, the rumor of Rowan Atkinson’s death was spurred on by a Twitter handle named Fox News. Which was telling itself to be an American news channel. But, it was a fake Twitter handle, the link of which contained a spam. That is, all the people who clicked on its link became a victim of spam.

Rumors of Mr Bean are flying on social media.

It was written in this tweet- ‘Breaking Fox, Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) has died in a car accident.’ Was. However, he had also said that he would give his voice for an animation series being made on this character. Rowan said that the responsibility with which the character of Mr. Bean has to be carried is very heavy. He said that now he does not enjoy playing this character, so he is going to distance himself from Mr. Bean.

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