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Iranian Spies Reach Israel Defense Minister House

A man cleaning the house of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz caught spying for Iran. He has also sent many pictures outside the Defense Minister’s house.

Big blow to Israel

Iran has given a big blow to Israel, which has proved its espionage all over the world on the strength of Mossad. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s servant arrested for offering a hacker group linked to Iran to spy on Gantz. This information given by Israeli security officials. Questions are also being raised about the vigilance of Israeli spies due to the discovery of an Iranian spy in the Defense Minister’s house.

Contact with Iran-linked Black Shadow hacker group

In late October, he contacted the Iran-linked Black Shadow hacker group via the Telegram messaging app. Offered to give information from inside the minister’s house. He also suggested The group would give them malware that it would install on Gantz’s computer. According to the indictment, Goren allegedly took photographs of the minister’s desk, a computer, a tablet, a locked safe, a shredder, papers with IP numbers, a package with a label that listed the souvenirs. which Gantz received as the military chief of Israel.

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Black Shadow attacked

The accused was working as a sweeper at the Defense Minister’s house along with his partner. Last month, Black Shadow hackers claimed to have carried out a cyberattack targeting an Israeli Internet service provider. Gorochowski’s charge sheet describes Black Shadow as ‘linked to Iran’. Following this high-profile cyberattack, Grochowski reportedly contacted Black Shadow via Telegram on October 31. In which he talked about giving information related to Gantz and his house.

The detective was living by changing the name

Israel says that the accused was working here by changing his name. He tried to help the hacking group in many ways. According to the charge sheet. Grochowski told a Black Shadow representative that he would pass the information through malware for money. For which he will take the help of a USB device. To prove his credibility, he also sent several pictures of things in the minister’s house to a group of hackers. These include Gantz’s work tables, packages with stickers with IP addresses, mementos from Gantz’s work as Chief of Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces, photographs of his family, and property tax receipts. .

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