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IPL Biggest Fight Players Clash With Each Other

IPL: The world’s most popular cricket league is called. It is popular because Because here you get most of the matches because of the collision of the cuts. Now the more the match will be of competition, the more pressure is bound to be on the players. Every player wants to give his best to win. Sometimes under that pressure, the player gets entangle with a player of his own team. Today we will tell you an incident of IPL. Which is one of the biggest events in the history of IPL.

What is the Matter between Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh?

You must be aware of the dispute between Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh. But this controversy happened after the match. Those who are going to talk to you today, whether the incident or dispute happened in the middle of the match. Actually, it is about IPL 2016. The match was playing between Mumbai Indians and Pune Supergiant. Mumbai Indians were fielding at that time. Harbhajan and Rayudu used to play together in Mumbai at that time. Bhajji was doing the 11th over of the match, and Saurav Tiwary played a sharp shot from Pune’s side on Bhajji’s ball. Rayudu fails to stop the ball and the ball goes for a boundary.

Bhajji got Angry

What after this, Bhajji’s anger on the seventh sky. Bhajji started abusing Rayudu. Seeing this, Rayudu also got angry and he also murmured something to Bhajji with anger and went towards Bhajji. In view of the matter, the umpire had to intervene. This was the first time in the history of IPL that two players of the same team were fighting with each other. Till now this used to happen only with the players of the opposition team.

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Rayudu Apologizes

However, then both the players played together for Chennai Super Kings. And made the team champion with a great game. After this Rayudu told me that I had apologized to Bhajji pa after this incident. At the same time, Harbhajan Singh also forgave Rayudu for this. And said that all this goes on.

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