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IPL 2022 This Player Scored The Most Runs as a Captain in IPL

In the 15th season of IPL 2022, there is going to be a tremendous title clash between 10 captains. This time the captains of some teams are old, then many teams have made new captains and now it is going to be interesting to see how far they can take their team. Well, if we are talking about the captains of the team, then let us tell you who is the highest run-scorer as captain in the last 14 seasons of IPL.

Virat Kohli has Scored the Most runs in IPL as Captain

Although Virat Kohli has been associated with RCB since the year 2008, he was made the captain of the team in the year 2013 and remained the full-time captain of this team till 2021. Even before the year 2013, he seen captaining the team on many occasions. Of course, Kohli did not win the title for this team under his captaincy, but as a captain, he definitely became the highest run-scorer of IPL. Till the year 2021, the highest number of runs in IPL as captain is recorded in the name of Kohli.

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Top 7 players who scored the most runs as captain in IPL

4881 runs – Virat Kohli

4456 runs – MS Dhoni

3518 runs – Gautam Gambhir

3406 runs – Rohit Sharma

2840 runs – David Warner

1900 runs – Adam Gilchrist

1723 runs – Sachin Tendulkar

Virat Kohli’s performance in IPL so far

Virat Kohli scored a total of 4881 runs in IPL while being the captain of RCB and in this league so far as captain, he has the most runs in his name. While MS Dhoni is at number two with 4456 runs, Gautam Gambhir is in third place with 3518 runs. Rohit Sharma, who has so far scored 3406 runs in IPL as a captain, is at number four in this list, while David Warner is at fifth place with 2840 runs.

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