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IPL 2022 The Rift Between Sanju Samson and Rajasthan Royals Know Why

All is not well between Rajasthan Royals and their captain Sanju Samson. According to media reports, Sanju has made up his mind to leave the Rajasthan Royals. He is not keen that Rajasthan Royals retain him. There is no doubt that Sanju Samson was the highest run-scorer for his team in IPL 2021.

Sanju Samson Doesn’t Want to Play for This Team

According to sources in Rajasthan Royals, the team itself does not know why Sanju Samson unfollowed his social media account. Sanju Samson is one of the most important players of Rajasthan Royals and the team wants to retain him but there are reports that Sanju Samson does not want to play for this team anymore.

Samson may Join Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2022

Sanju Samson can join Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2022. According to reports, Samson has followed Chennai Super Kings on social media. Samson can become Dhoni’s replacement for Chennai. Dhoni, who is no longer with Chennai as a player, can play the role of wicketkeeper-batsman in his place.

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Let us tell you that Sanju Samson has always contributed significantly to Rajasthan Royals. Sanju Samson has scored more than 300 runs in every season and even though Rajasthan did not perform well in 2021, Samson scored the highest 484 runs for the team.

Sanju did Consistently Well

Rajasthan Royals may have done poorly in the IPL but Sanju Samson has been a consistent performer. Since his return to the team, Samson has managed to score 300 or more runs in each IPL season. After the team’s embarrassing performance in the 2021 IPL, he remained the highest scorer of 484 runs for his team.

All is not well between Rajasthan Royals and its captain Sanju Samson. According to reports, Sanju Samson no longer wants to play for this team and has decided to part ways with it. Sanju Samson does not want Rajasthan Royals to retain him.

Unfollowed the franchise on Instagram

Fast-paced wicketkeeper-batsman Sanju Samson is in the mood to leave Rajasthan Royals. Samson has unfollowed Rajasthan Royals on Instagram. However, the franchise kept him as their priority for the next season. Sanju Samson was the Royal player of Rajasthan Royals and he came forward and led the team. He played 93 matches for Rajasthan Royals and scored 2391 runs. During this, Sanju Samson also scored two centuries and 12 half-centuries.

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