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IPL 2021 Biggest Prediction Not Mumbai Delhi This Team Will Become Champion

The second phase of IPL 2021 is going to start in UAE on 19th September. The biggest question in the mind of the fans is which team will win the title of this season.

The collision between Mumbai and Chennai

The opening match in the UAE will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians on the coming Sunday. Both the teams have been extremely successful in this mega T20 league of India. There is always a trophy war between these two franchises.

Chennai will become IPL 2021 champion

Kevin Pietersen said in his blog, ‘In April everyone was not giving much preference to the old army CSK. So it is a big surprise for him to perform well. But I cannot say how the gap of 4 months will affect them. It may take a while for them to get back into gear. Especially the senior players. If those guys are ready then the next few weeks will be historic for this franchise.

Power to win even in Mumbai’

Regarding Mumbai Indians, Pietersen said, ‘They have a habit of losing the first few matches, then by the end of the tournament they are in better condition. Well, we are moving towards the end of the tournament. Mumbai cannot lose the first 3 or 4 games this time because they are very few. If she wants to retain the title.

These two title contenders under the season

IPL 2021 is going to start again. The second phase of the tournament is going to start in the UAE on September 19. As part of the very first match of the tournament, there will be a clash between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Let us tell you that both Mumbai and Chennai are successful teams in IPL. And under every season, she is a contender for both the titles.

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