The Delhi Police has busted the car thief gang. Along with several members of the gang, the police have also recovered 21 stolen luxury vehicles.

Inter-state gang stealing luxury vehicles busted

The team of Special Staff of South Delhi Police has busted the Inter-State gang stealing hi-tech luxury vehicles. The police have recovered 21 luxury vehicles stolen from this gang. Four auto-lifters arrested. According to the police, the gang leader is Sharik Hussain alias Satta, who was operating the gang from Dubai. This gang was active in Manipur, Meerut, and Indore. The police have arrested Abid, Johnson, Asif, and Salman for car theft.

Incidents of theft of luxury cars had increased

In the Southwest district, the incidents of theft of luxury cars had increased very much. One after the other, several luxury vehicles stolen from the Southwest district. On October 3, a man named Mohammad Iqlakh complained that he had parked his Fortuner car in the parking lot at Safdarjung Enclave. That car stolen.

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The police team arrested a person named Abid from Uttam Nagar.

The investigation of the matter came into the hands of the Special Staff of South West District. Inspector Rakesh Sharma got the responsibility, first of all, through technical surveillance, the police team arrested a person named Abid from Uttam Nagar. Abid was a resident of Amroha. During interrogation, Abid told that he is an active member of this gang and works in this gang like a career. According to the police, 15 cases are registered against Abid.

Sensational disclosure in interrogation

During interrogation, Abid revealed that it stolen on 3 October. It had received the Fortuner car from boys named Amir Safar and Sikandar at Kashmere Gate. And given that car to a person named Johnson in Manipur. Abid also told this during interrogation. He did all this at the behest of his kingpin sitting in Dubai. Actually, Sharik Hussain alias Satta, sitting in Dubai, runs many auto-lifter gangs in India. Cars are stolen at his behest, then they are sold which car is tostolen. Where to take it to Sharik Hussain aka Satta decides all this.

14 luxury vehicles recovered from Manipur

The Manipur team, through technical surveillance and local input, traced the person named Johnson who used to receive the vehicle in Manipur. Eventually, Johnson caught by the police; on the behest of Johnson, 14 luxury vehicles were recovered from Manipur. In which 10 Fortuner cars, three Creta, and one Baleno car were included. All these vehicles stolen from Delhi NCR.

Stolen vehicles are sent to Indore

Meerut’s team arrested Asif in Meerut. Asif also has a garage in Meerut. Asif revealed during interrogation that he sends stolen vehicles to a person named Salman in Indore. The police team raided Indore and arrested Salman too. On his behest, 7 luxury vehicles also recovered. According to the police, Salman runs a garage in Indore which used to buy total loss vehicles. His engine number, chassis number, fitted in the stolen new vehicles, used to make them a separate vehicle and sell them further.

Changed engine numbers into stolen vehicles and sold them at very low prices to innocent people.

According to the police, these gangs used to sell the chassis and engine numbers of scrap vehicles to stolen vehicles at very low prices by setting up with the insurance company, transport authority, to innocent people like Fortuner 3.5 lakh, Creta 2.5 lakh, Baleno 1.5 lakh. The person who bought it did not know that all these vehicles were stolen. From all these phones to the police
Many evidences like chassis number, engine number found.