Instagram Banned My Bodybuilding Louise Roberts Pics

A headstrong bodybuilder from Essex who gave up teaching for the fitness industry believes. Instagram is suppressing her rights as a woman by recommending the removal of photos that go against its ‘sexual activity and nudity’ guidelines.

Pre-secondary school math teacher says

A former secondary school maths teacher says her rights are being violated. Because she is being punished for posting bikini pictures on social media. Louise Roberts calls this the “modern oppression of women” and says their livelihoods are being put at risk. The bodybuilder and busty model said Instagram is forcing her to remove “tasteful content” from her page by recommending that she delete certain posts.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, he said

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “It’s a really big issue amongst most women on Instagram at the moment and we’re being held to ransom. Women are being sexualized, it’s equality in 2023 and the oppression of women feels like a regression of. It feels like you’re being punished for being too feminine and showing curves. Lewis has 335,000 followers on Instagram and she sure looks like how male and female bodybuilders are treated Yes, there is inequality.

He also started selling content on OnlyFans

“My page is over 21 but I still can’t post anything that shows any kind of cheeks. I’m a bodybuilder and I’m not allowed to show my body or show off my curves or glute definition. I Have had to delete several posts where I’m literally standing away from the camera in a bikini. It’s all women across the board and we’re really regressing. She also started selling content on OnlyFans, and her net worth growth It soon reached half a million pounds. She had already relied on a food bank a few weeks before she signed up.

Going Back to the Age of Side Saddleing

“It’s 2023, but it looks like we’re going back to the age of side saddling on a horse. It’s 100% oppression of women in modern society. “I think it’s a major issue. In fact, on stage, All the women I know suffer from this control. They put us on a barrel.” Louise, 40, from Essex, skipped class when the first lockdown hit and has been a fitness model ever since. To show my physique, I need to show my body and I need to wear a bikini.

I went through a midlife crisis

But now he fears he could be de-platformed if Instagram continues to “censor” his account. And despite using her Insta to attract more OnlyFans followers. She also uses it to inspire women who are in a dark place, like she was after turning 30. my Instagram I went through a midlife crisis where I didn’t love my body. I felt invisible and lacked confidence.

Encouraged them to start working

“When I mention my age and how I got started later in life. I get a lot of women who say how much I’ve inspired them. And encouraged them to start working, and I know how powerful it can be for your mental health. But I’m 40 now and I feel. I have a powerful image to inspire other women. Who might have felt that How did you feel in your 30s?

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