The Duchess of Cambridge smiled when she came to the aid of a student puzzled by a crossword question about the royal family. Kate puts her knowledge to the test during a visit to the University of Glasgow. where he heard how students are supporting each other during the pandemic and the city’s community struggling to be online.

How students are supporting each other during the pandemic

William joined his wife for a trip to Scotland and previously joked about Kate when they went to a school where she hugged a child, sang with children, and talked to young pupils.

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As the couple started their journey in school. Near the banks of the River Clyde in Inverclyde, the Duke joked: “Can you get my wife out of here before she gets upset?”

A statistics student, Jack Baird, 21, tested the future queen’s knowledge of royal finances. When James McCune went on a walkout outside the Smith Learning Hub, the main campus building for Cambridge undergraduates. He said: “I stuck with my crosswords from the Times, I do it every week.

“It was seven down and the clue was the sovereign’s annual allowance.

The student confessed to being a brief crossword fanatic, and after pulling a large selection of riddles from a pocket was cut off by friends, who said he was known to queue outside Glasgow clubs asking for answers.
William during a walkout in Glasgow
William also joined his wife during a walkout in Glasgow and had earlier met with students who described a project that provided laptops, free internet, and IT advise to the community. When there were many activities on the Internet during the pandemic.

Visited St John’s Primary School in Port Glasgow

Earlier in the day William and Kate visited St John’s Primary School in Port Glasgow to learn about an innovative project where children interact with mother and child to learn about their development and with others to help them in their emotional empathy.

Kate asked a group of about 35 seven-year-olds: “Do you think a lot of schools should have a project like this?”, and when some answered “yes”, she said, “We even do”.

Aided by The Wheatley Group

The Duchess later spoke to the mother and her baby. And he briefly held Saul, who would celebrate his first birthday in June. But he quickly extended his hand to his mother. During his day in Glasgow, Cambridge also met with people aided by the housing, care, and asset management group Wheatley Group at one of the organization’s sites in the Kenishaid area of ​​Glasgow.