Inside DC Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Title Change The Villain

Dark Crisis #3 on Infinite Earths has it all, including a surprising reference to The Challenge of Superfriends! We have the inside scoop on what this means for the DC Universe.

DC’s Dark Crisis Event DC Universe History

The secret is finally out. Well, one of them, at least. DC’s Dark Crisis event is more than just the latest story to tackle the implications of the realm of DC Universe history, it’s also a direct sequel to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, arguably the greatest event comic ever. And with that revelation comes a change of title, as Dark Crisis is now officially known as Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. buckle up.

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Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Daniel Sampier

We sat down with Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths author Joshua Williamson and artist Daniel Sampier, just minutes after the big revelation about the book’s true title, and with an advance copy of Dark Crisis #3 in hand. And between them, he gave us more hints about Pariah’s plans, drafting the return of the Justice Society of America, and what’s really going on with Deathstroke.

Joshua Williamson

We kept the secret just because we knew that once we started bringing up the idea of ​​infinite earth, everyone would know what was going to happen, so we wanted to keep it a secret until it Don’t have time And now that we’re getting so close, it was like, “Okay, now’s the time.” You described it as a direct sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths. There are other stories that touched on themes of the original crisis, but they were not sequels. What is this spiritual sequel?

A Leading Role in the DCU

JW: Well, I think Pariah was specifically involved, [because he] was not involved in those other incidents. But when you go back and look and I must say, I love Infinite Crisis, I love Final Crisis. But Pariah is in many ways the star of peril on Infinite Earths. He is in the beginning, he plays a major part of that story. He is the cause of the destruction of the earth, because of him all this has stopped. But he hasn’t really played a major role in the DCU since then.

Things I’ve Considered So Far About Dark Crisis

One is that it definitely started with a real character focus, and it’s expanding and expanding and expanding, as your title expands. But in Dark Crisis #3, you start with a nine-panel grid, Daniel, who calls to mind a very specific mood. Can you talk about what that symbolizes for you?

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