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Injection Of Cocaine Came To Bite The private Part

When the person reached the doctor, he was told that the tissues of his private part had rotted and his private part would have to be amputated.

Accidentally injected on the private part

A strange case has come to light from America. Actually here a person injected cocaine in his private part. After which his private part and leg got swollen. The tissues of his private part started rotting badly. Then the man reached the doctor and with great difficulty, his life was saved.

Such was the condition of the person after the needle was inserted

According to a report published in the American Journal of Case Reports, when doctors examined the private part of the man, he found that there was swelling in his private part. There were blisters near the urinary tract. The tissues of the private part were rotting, meaning the muscles were getting destroyed and along with it, there was a lot of smell.

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The time has come to cut the private part

During treatment, the doctors first thought that the person was suffering from gangrene. But he was not found in the investigation. Then the doctors thought that the person had an infection but that too did not come out in the investigation. After this, the doctors told the person that his private part would have to be cut. Hearing this, the person was surprised and he refused to cut the private part.

Why did the person put a needle on the private part?

Then the doctors started the treatment of the person only through medicine and the infection stopped. During treatment, it was found that the patient was intoxicated through a needle for many years. He had put needles on almost all parts of the body. There were injection marks on his body. Every time the injection of intoxication has to be done in a new place. In such a situation, when the person could not find any such place in the body, he injected cocaine full of it on his private part itself.

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