Indian Men Are Losing Their Masculinity: Sanjay Dutt Receives Criticism For 2008 Ad

While news becomes irrelevant almost immediately in the digital age, nothing ever fades from the cloud for good. Everything that goes on the internet stays there and often reappears after years to haunt you. Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s problematic stance on masculinity in an old ad has resurfaced in a clip that shows people once again schooling Indian men about their “feminine” characteristics of “superior caste and gender”. “Describes an insult. they are.

Munna Bhai in a 2008 Haywards 5000 ad

The Munna Bhai MBBS actor in a 2008 Haywards 5000 ad talks about the “harmful” effects of treating men like “behenji” (sisters), trolling them for growing their hair or waxing their bodies. seen doing His monologue also criticized men who care about their looks and bother to groom themselves, treating themselves to a spa every now and then, all of which Dutt said was the reason for men and their “manhood.” “The danger for whatever it is.

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Cream, Calorie Count, Flowery Perfume

“They (men) want to feel like sister. They dress like sister-in-law, wear lotions and creams like sister-in-law. Let’s wear face and lip gloss, hand cream, calorie counting, flowery perfume, or something with something flowery Nothing to do with it. This is the new kranti (revolution) that I want to start for men. It is called mardangiri (manhood).

Back on reddit bollywood group

While the ad was created more than a decade ago, it manages to annoy social media users every time it comes back. This time, it was brought back to the Reddit Bollywood group, where a user commented, “Homelander vibes. Lately, I feel like all Bollywood celebs have God Syndrome and they are part of The Boyz universe in one way or another. Act like a superhero.

Another wrote pointing to the hypocrisy

He himself had long hair. He even wore a bright pink shirt in Munna Bhai. How do these people get away with this sh*t? Sister? You’re married to the one!” Taking a dig at his lack of self-care, a comment read, “Okay boomer, you didn’t take care of your hair or skin and it shows.

A wrinkled leather bag

Another user wanted his “boycott”. “Sanju baba is problematic and should have been boycotted and de-platformed long ago,” he wrote. Calling them a “wrinkled leather bag”, one user said, “Don’t even wear sunscreen. No wonder he looks like a wrinkled leather bag left in the sun for too long. Toxic masculinity will make you feel like you.” Won’t take you anywhere, Sanju baba.”

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