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India Orders To Block 20 YouTube Channels And Two Websites Of Pakistan

The central government has said that most of the content was sensitive from the point of view of national security and was also factually incorrect.

order to block 20 youtube channels in india

Pakistan is not deterring from trying to spread terror and mistrust in India. Pakistan, which has been failing continuously at the ground level, has now started in its ill-fated efforts through internet media. For the first time, India has ordered to identify and block 20 such YouTube channels. Pakistan used to spread false news and rumors in India. It is said that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has given a written order to YouTube.

According to the Center, these channels were creating content that was distributive about Kashmir, Indian Army, minority community in India, Ram Mandir, CDS General Rawat, etc. Regarding the channels, it has been said that all these YouTube channels were posting content on issues like farmers’ agitation and anti-CAA protests. The minorities tricked against the government. The Center has said that there was also an apprehension that these channels would post content to undermine the democratic process even during the upcoming assembly elections in five states.

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Naya Pakistan group spreading propaganda: Government

The Center says that the Naya Pakistan Group involved in running the anti-India propaganda campaign. It being run from Pakistan itself. They have many youtube channels and apart from these, there are some single youtube channels as well. Not related to NPG. The government has informed that these channels have more than 35 lakh subscribers and so far more than 55 crore views have been received on their videos. It also said that the Naya Pakistan group runs through the anchors of news channels of Pakistan.

central government said

Most of the content was sensitive to national security and was factually incorrect. Therefore, these channels and websites ordered to blocked by the government under Rule 16 of Information Technology using emergency powers.

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