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India Most Unique Market Where Only Women Are Allowed To Work Here

You will get everything you need in this market. The special thing is that only and only women work in this market.

A unique market where only women work

There is no dearth of markets in different places in India. There is definitely some market presence in every city, in every village. Although there are many markets like this. Who are famous because of their specialties. Like if there is a clothing market, then only and only clothes are available there. There are some electronic markets there. Where only electronic items are found. But there is also such a unique market in India, where you will get everything you need. But the special thing is that only and only women work in this market. Here you will not find a single shop where men work.

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This unique market of India is in Imphal, the capital of Manipur.

This market is also known as Mother’s Market because it is run by women. This is not only India’s but Asia’s largest market run by women. The local people call this market Ima Kaithil or Ima Market or Nupi Kaithal.

Men can’t come to this market

There are more than 5 thousand shops in this market. Which are run only by women. No man is allowed to set up shop here. However, it is not that men cannot enter this market. They are allowed here, but cannot set up shop, nor are they allowed to work in any shop.

The special feature of this market is

This is a very old market, which started about 500 years ago. Women have always been setting up shop here. A special reason is given behind this. It is said that in earlier times the men living in this area only took part in the battles. Because of this, the responsibility of running the household fell on the women. That’s why women started setting up shops to feed the family and since then this process has been going on till now.

You will find all kinds of things in this market. Whether it is to take vegetables or clothes or any toys etc., even the traditional items of Manipur are also found here in this market. In view of the popularity of this market, the Imphal Municipal Council has also built a four-story building, so that women do not face any kind of problem in setting up shop.

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