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In The Grip Of Severe Drought, This Country Is Dying Of Hunger And Thirst

Horrifying pictures have emerged from Kenya facing severe drought. Along with the drought, there has also been a shortage of food here. Due to which not only humans but wildlife are also dying. Most of the reservoirs have dried up due to a lack of rain.

lowest rainfall ever recorded

Kenya is going through a severe drought situation. This has also affected the giraffes there. Shocking pictures of some giraffes who lost their lives due to hunger and thirst have come to the fore. These photos show six dead giraffes lying inside the Sabuli Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeastern city of Wazir, Kenya. Significantly, some areas of Kenya have recorded the lowest rainfall in recent decades.

Giraffes were trapped in the mud

They are taken after the death of giraffes weakened by a lack of food and water. It is being told that the giraffes were trying to drink water from the almost dried-up reservoir. During this, he got stuck in the mud due to which he died. From there, their bodies were taken to a different place where photographs were taken. To avoid contamination of the water of the reservoir, the bodies have been removed from there.

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30 percent less rain than normal

Another photograph shows the assistant chief of the village of Crib, Abdi Karim, looking at the carcasses of six giraffes. This area is located on the outskirts of an Arab village in Sabuli Wildlife Preserve. This picture was taken on 10 December. According to ‘Aljazeera’, since September, the northern part of Kenya has received 30 percent less rain than normal. For this reason, this area is facing severe drought.

Wild animals most at risk

The lack of rain has had a bad effect on the wildlife of the area. There has been a shortage of food and drink for wild animals in the area. Ibrahim Ali of the Bor-Algi Giraffe Sanctuary told Kenya’s news website ‘The Star’ that wild animals are most at risk of this drought. He said pets were being taken care of, but not wildlife, and that is why they were most affected by the drought.

4,000 giraffes in danger of being killed

Ibrahim Ali also said that farming is being done on the banks of the river. Which has stopped the giraffes from reaching the water. This has made the situation worse. About 4,000 giraffes are at risk of being killed by the drought. Human beings have also been badly affected by this drought. The country’s Drought Management Authority warned in September that about 2.1 million Kenyans were facing starvation due to severe drought in the country. President Uhuru Kenyatta declared the drought a national disaster in September.

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